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Latissimus Dorsi Flap Phalloplasty (LDFP)

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International Sexology
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Latissimus Dorsi Flap Phalloplasty (LDFP)

This technique is a form of female to male gender reassignment surgery. It aims to create a neophallus from extragenital tissue. It is a technique developed for the provision of erectile and urinary functions by placing a penile implant in the neophallus and through the creation of urinary functions. After making marks for the appropriate size, the skin is taken from the back muscle, and the musculocutaneous latissimus dorsi (MLD) wing is collected and shaped into a pipe. The procedure involves 2 stages. At the second stage, an implant is inserted into the phallus, which is created to ensure erections. The MLD flap is obtained from a part of the back muscle and vessels, a structure that contains nerves. A thin muscle strip is collected, and a cylindrical structure is created. The resulting scar extends down the lower ridge from under the arm. The donor area where the flap is taken can be closed with an incision or a skin graft. The LDFP technique gives a penis a length of 13-16 cm and a circumference of 10-12 cm. Urethroplasty Primary anastomosis urethroplasty can be performed at two stages with extension or secondary urethral extension. After the creation of the neophallus, a penile implant is needed to achieve erections. These implants, which are put into the phallus at the second stage, can be inflated and divided into three-part inflatable implants. It is recommended that patients who undergo surgery learn about the models and brands of these implants. The advantages of this technique include the fact that the scar is located in a less visible place, and this is an area with fewer hair follicles or no hair at all. The constructed body part is sufficient to achieve penetration. The erogenous area is preserved, and having an orgasm is possible. The feeling provided in this technique is less than that achieved in the RFF forearm technique.

For What Purpose Is Flap Phalloplasty Surgery Performed with the Latissimus Dorsi ?

Surgical interventions with this technique aim to create a new penis for the individual by making use of extragenital tissue. An implant is placed in the newly created penis structure, and the individual is provided with the possibility to have an erection.

What Is the Penis Structure Provided by the Technique Like ?

After the application of the latissimus dorsi technique, the individual who has undergone the procedure obtains a penis with a length of 13-16 cm and a circumference of 10-12 cm.

What Kind of Advantages Does the Operation Offer in the Postoperative Period ?

From an aesthetic point of view, the scars are not very visible, and the method provides very favorable penis dimensions needed for sexual intercourse.

What Kind of Implant Is Suitable to Use ?

Implants are placed for the individual to achieve an erection. Options such as inflatable and semi-rigid, two-piece inflatable and three-piece inflatable implants may be preferred. Since the erogenous area is protected during the operation, the individual also has the function of having an orgasm.

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