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Penis Thickening

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Penis Thickening

For these operations, surgeons usually prefer autologous fat transplant, which means using the fats obtained from the patient himself. The donor areas mostly used to obtain fat are the suprapubic region (bottom part of the penis), the abdomen and the medial thigh area. The adipose tissue collected from the donor area and purified by centrifugation is transplanted under the skin of the penis and spread homogeneously. After the operation, fat migration and asymmetry that might occur due to erection are prevented through the use of an elastic penis bandage of sufficient length. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) prepared by taking around 20 cc of blood can also be used for penis thickening. Within the next six months, the rate of fat loss at the transplant site is about 30-40%. So that the desired girth of the penis is not lost in time, surplus adipose tissue is injected to counteract this effect.

Treatment for Penile Curvature Disorders (Peyronie’s Disease) Penis shape may differ from one person to another. A slight deviation of the penis towards the right or the left when erect is normal, but a penis that has an excessive deviation from its straight state when erect may create problems in terms of health, aesthetics and sexual function. Such a condition may be inherited (congenital curving of the penis) or acquired (Peyronie’s disease).

Laceration in the envelope surrounding the corpus cavernous (structure maintaining the blood flow in the penis) called the tunica albuginea occurs as a result of these traumas, and a fibrosis plaque is formed during the healing period of the tunica albuginea.

In Peyronie’s disease, sometimes, the curvature might be too visible, can make sexual intercourse impossible, and this disturbs the partner of the person. It is a progressive disease.

It’s necessary to know the stage of the disease first for the treatment Knowing the stage of the disease is significant in terms of treatment selection, because it has been reported that the symptoms can disappear spontaneously in some patients, while they progress in about 50% of patients.

Oral medication, injections, surgery, penile implants and other methods can be preferred to fix the problem based on the stage of the disorder.

Does The Penis Thicken With Exercise?

Yes, when correct exercises and techniques are applied by trying natural ways, penis thickening is done with exercise. One of the most familiar methods applied in this regard for years is massage and stretching technique.

What is Penis Thickness That Should Be?

The ideal penis length is about 10-11 cm an erection. It is not possible to catch the ideal thickness in penis sizes smaller than these sizes.

Why Is The Thickness Of The Penis Important For Women?

Women can enjoy more than thick penis.

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