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Vaginal Aesthetic

Vaginal aesthetic surgeries are one of the most frequently performed operations among genital aesthetic surgeries. It provides women gains both in terms of function and aesthetics. The vagina expands due to over births, abortions and frequent sexual intercourse. This can lead to deficiency in wide vagina orgasm, which can lead to dissatisfaction. This enlargement is more especially in people with bad connective tissue. Enlargement of the vagina reduces sexual pleasure. May cause loss of sensibility and sensation. Therefore, orgasm problems occur frequently in women. The expansion, abundance of the vagina, opening the entrance also lead to decreased sexual pleasure during sexual intercourse in men and women, loss of sensation and orgasm problems. The absence of a vagina from birth or vagina shortness (mullerian agenesis) is made to “create a new vagina” or to correct, narrow, tighten the vagina from aesthetic, functional angles, for reasons such as gender change from famale to male (mullerian agenesis) all operations are called “vaginoplasty” or “vagina narrowing”. Vaginoplasty Surgery Vaginal narrowing surgeries are handled within the scope of genital aesthetics and cosmetic gynecology. Surgeries to restore the enlarged, wide vagina and restore the old tightness are called ‘vaginoplasty. Different names such as ‘vaginal narrowing surgery’, ‘vaginal reconstructive’ (vaginal reconstruction) or ‘vagina narrowing operation’ are also given to vaginoplasty. During vagina narrowing surgeries, perineum correction (perineolasty, perineum aesthetics) is usually performed. Hymen Repair With Vaginoplasty Hymen planting (hymenoplasty), can also be performed at the same time with vaginoplasty. Vaginoplasty with Labioplasty Vaginoplasty surgeries can also be performed in the same session with internal lip aesthetics (labioplasty). In fact, labioplasty, clitoral hudoplasty, vaginoplasty and perineoplasty operations can all be performed in the same session. Thus, the aesthetics of both the vagina and external genital regions can be corrected simultaneously. Blood circulation is quite good in terms of the anatomical structure of the vagina organ. Therefore, the healing process of that region is also very fast. Vaginoplasty Prices Pricing in vagina narrowing surgeries; depends on the physician, hospital or health center and the form of anesthesia. Costs will be useful in your interview with your physician. However, it would be worth noting that the physician’s knowledge and experience is very important. Why Is Vaginoplasty Performed? Vagina narrowing surgery is performed for many reasons. The most common reasons are: Sexual intercourse pleasure: As the vagina tissue relaxes and becomes more abundant, the problem of not being able to pleasure sexual intercourse can begin with it.In people with vaginoplasty-perineoplasty surgery, the loose and enlarged vagina is tightened again. As the vagina becomes tighter, both men and women more pleasure from sexual intercourse. Sounds from the vagina during sexual intercourse:Unpleasant sounds in sexual intercourse with loose and abundant vagina can disturb concentration, disrupting it. These sounds from the vagina after vagina narrowing surgery are lost or minimized. Urine bag and bowel prolapse correction: During vagina narrowing surgery, the patient’s urine bag sagging, urinary incontinence problems and bowel prolapse (rectocellular) problems can also be corrected simultaneously.Genital Prolapse (POP) leads to problems of self-confidence in women. In this way, sexual arousal causes libido and orgasm problems. Increase in self-confidence and orgasm: The width of the vagina can make orgasm difficult. The appearance of the vagina mouth wide, sometimes even the inside of the vagina seen from outside (“vaginal gaping”) can disrupt sexual self-esteem. Likewise, with a narrow vagina, the partners get more pleasure. Frequent vaginal infections: Having a large vagina structure, the incidence of infection increases in women who are tear after childbirth. How to Perform Vagina Narrowing Surgeries? Vagina narrowing surgery is usually performed with local anesthesia support with sedation (mild sleep anesthesia). The operation takes an average of 45 minutes to 1 hour. It requires moving into the inside of vagina for an average of 6-7 cm, starting with the entrance to achieve the best result. Thus, by removing excess tissues are combined by sewn with special threads the vagina.Based on our experience,in vaginoplasty surgeries, almost the entire vagina is narrowed by us. Narrowings from the entrance to 2-3 cm are not sufficient for couples. If there is a rectosel (sagging in the last part of the intestine), this problem is also resolved by a muscle approach (Levator suture). Vagina narrowing surgeries are performed by experienced gynecologist physicians who specialize in vagina aesthetics and are very good results and patient satisfaction is significantly increasing. Does the vagina expand again after narrowing? Is the surgery permanent? The vagina most often expands after normal births. In addition, the difficult and traumatic nature of childbirth increases the expansion. On the other hand, the weakness of connective tissue due to innate or smoking, poor nutrition, alcohol consumption leads to the expansion and sagging of the vagina, especially at later. Only the pregnancy process also expands in the vagina on its own. In other words, even if the pregnancy process ends by caesarean section, the vagina is enlarged. The one that causes the vagina to expand other causes include frequent sexual relationships, gynecological interventions and examinations such as abortion. The most important feature of vaginoplasty surgery is the ability to provide a permanent tightness. So there will be no re-expansion after surgery unless there is a normal birth again. What are the risks of vaginoplasty? Vaginoplasty surgeries should be performed by specialist surgeons in the field in order to avoid risks such as bleeding and infection. However, the most important problem with the surgeon’s lack of experience is that the vagina is more than normal narrowing and the ability to cause pain in related sexual intercourse. Another problem is that you’re not going to be able to do that. The width of the vagina can continue when the vaginoplasty surgery is not narrowed as necessary. Can vaginoplasty be applied in women who have not given birth? Yes. In women who have not given birth, the vagina can be expanded depending on the structure of the vagina. Depending on the frequency of sexual intercourse over time, or after interventions such as abortion, vagen abundance may occur. This can lead to the problem of pleasure in spouses. If vaginoplasty is not done properly! If there is no narrowing after the Vaginoplasty surgery, the operation has failed. Renarrowing and tightening can be done again with a second surgery (narrowing revision operation). If vagina narrowing is done by overincreasing vagina inflow, pain (dysparonia) problems may occur in no way possible or sexual intercourse. In some patients, contractions similar to vaginismus problems may occur due to anxiety that develops after vagina collapse. Such concerns can be addressed with simple exercises. What Is Laser Vagina Narrowing Aesthetics? Laser Vaginal rejuvenation Vaginal Aesthetics is called vagina rejuvenation, or vaginal tightening. Today,fractional carbon dioxide is also performed with laser Vaginal rejuvenation aesthetics. The ring placed in the vagina in laser narrowing process, new collogen synthesis is provided with the energy given to each region and new collogenic synthesis is provided, and therefore the vagina is rejuvenating and tightening. Laser vagina collapse operation takes about 25-30 minutes. People can go back to normal life on the same day. This surgery can be done under local anaesthesia supporting by sedation. Who Is Elligible For Vaginal Rejuvenation With Laser? Women feeling expansion in the genital area Women who have problems not having an orgasm Menopausal vaginal dryness problems Women who incontinence with cough Those who have pain problems in the relationship Those who are facing the problem of Vagina Infection It is extremely gratifying for those who have surgical anxiety.

What is Vaginal Aesthetics?

Vaginal aesthetic surgeries are among the most frequently performed operations among genital aesthetic surgeries. It provides women gains both in terms of function and aesthetics.

How Long Does Vaginal Aesthetic Surgery Take?

Vaginal narrowing surgeries take for an average of 40-45 minutes. It is performed using local anesthesia. 2-3 days after the operation, people can return to their own life.

What is Vaginoplasty Surgery?

Vaginoplasty operations are an aesthetic operation that ensures the renewal of the vaginal canals and tissues as a result of loss of flexibility of the vagina tissue due to advancing age, births and many similar reasons.

Is there a possibility of complications?

In vaginoplasty, same as all other surgeries minor complications may occur. However, these complications will be very small compared to other operations.

What is Vaginal narrowing?

The name of the Vagina Narrowing Operations in the medical language is Vaginoplasty. If the couples are not satisfied with the relationship as a result of the expansion of the vagina over time, these operations are applied.

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