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Hysterectomy (Uterus Removal)

Bilateral subcutaneous Mastectomy is a surgical treatment for the complete removal of the breast. In such operations, breast tissues are taken, and in some cases, tissues close to the breast can be removed. Mastectomy operations can be done with different methods. Surgical interventions that vary according to the application area, -Simple mastectomy -Skin protective mastectomy -Radical mastectomy -It is classified as a modified radical mastectomy. Simple mastectomy: In this process, also called total mastectomy, the entire breast, including nipples, is taken. However, the muscle tissues and armpit lymph glands under the breast are not taken. Such surgeries usually require hospitalization for one day. The patient is discharged the next day. The most commonly used in breast cancer cases is simple mastectomy,if the patients have a high risk of cancer, both breasts can be taken. This process is also called a double mastectomy. Skin Protective Mastectomy: In such operations, most of the skin layer on the breast and the nipple are not touched.In such interventions, it is possible to restructure the breasts of some female patients. The amount of tissue taken from the breast is the same as the amount of tissue taken in simple mastectomy operations. This method is usually applied to the patient after surgery if aesthetic surgery (breast reconstruction) is planned.However, this method is not applied if the tumor is large and close to the skin surface. Radical Mastectomy: It is mostly used to remove tumors settled in pectoral muscles at the bottom of the breast. In such operations, which are kept on a very large scale, the breast completely, the armpit lymph glands and pectoral muscles are taken. Radical mastectomy, which has been applied more frequently in the past, is not preferred very often when a modified radical mastectomy method is found, which is a more effective method. Modified Radical Mastectomy: In such surgical interventions for the removal of underarm lymph nodes, breast disfigurement and side effects observed in radical mastectomy are not observed. Webster semicircular: Will be performed with the incision half of lower part of areolar. This technique will perform for small breasts. Concentric circular: will be performed by circular incision around the areolar and if the areolar reduction will be needed can be done at the same time. Vertical: The incision will be around of areolar and vertical under the areolar Apron flap: the incision will be created around of areola and vertically under the areolar and horizantally under the breasts. This technique will be used for bigg breasts. The decision of which technique will be used relies on breast tissue size and amount of excess skin. In the examination in according to patient expectation and dimentions doctor will decide about which technique will be used. Why Mastectomy should be done? Transgender men maybe will perform their top surgery at the first as they have distress of social acceptance as their sexuality. What the trans man should do before the surgery? Before deciding for top surgeries you have to start hormon therapy if you want to get ideal result after surgery. Testestrone helps your chest will be much more musculine. 1 month before the surgery you have to stop your hormone therapy. If you use Asprin you have to stop to take 1 week before the surgery. If you smoke you have to quite 1 month before the surgery. You have to stop to eat and drink 6 hours before the surgery. Note: This surgery is irreversible and patient has to be sure about his decission before the surgery.

In what cases is a mastectomy applied?

Mastectomy is applied in the removal of cancer-causing tumors occurring in the breast area, in the removal of lymph nodes in patients with spreading and in sex transition surgery.

What are the mastectomy techniques?

Operations using different techniques according to their application areas are grouped as simple mastectomy, skin-protective mastectomy, radical mastectomy and modified mastectomy.

Does aesthetic loss occur after surgery?

Thanks to the opportunities provided by modern medicine, aesthetic losses that may occur after surgery are resolved with plastic and aesthetic surgery methods.

Can the breast structure be reshaped after the operation?

If deemed appropriate by the physician, skin protective mastectomy can be performed and most of the skin layer of the breast and the nipple can be protected. Thus, it is possible to reshape the breast.

What is the length of hospital stay in mastectomy operations?

Although it is sufficient to stay in the hospital for 1 day after simple mastectomy operations, the duration of stay is determined by the physician performing the surgery.

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