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Labiaplasty is among the aesthetic applications for female genital organs. The application is carried out for the purpose of repairing the inner lips located under the outer lips (labia major) or the outer lips (labia minor) with surgical methods. Vaginal sagging, which occurs as a result of deformations in the vagina region, can be removed as a result of labiaplasty interventions, and aesthetic concerns due to the sensitivity of the genital area of female individuals are eliminated. Application to address aesthetic concerns in some cases, it also allows the elimination of health problems caused by the size of the genital lips. Such surgical interventions are a surgical procedure that can be applied to each single or married woman who has given birth or not. Even the problems of virgin individuals are solved by labiaplasty surgery. Labiaplasty surgeries do not have the slightest negative effect on the lives of female individuals in later periods. Concerns that it will prevent childbearing or negatively affect sex life are completely unfounded. However, such surgeries If it is not done by specialist physicians in the field of genital areas, it should always be kept in mind that some complications may occur, and caution and selective should be taken in the selection of physicians. Why Do Vagina and Genital Lips Sway? Especially thanks to the extremely successful applications made in our country in terms of aesthetic surgery, there is an increase in aesthetic surgery demands from all countries of the world. Thanks to the advanced technology devices and the skills of our specialist physicians, the aesthetic concerns of all men and women individuals are terminated with successful surgical interventions. Labiaplasty surgeries is also made for such aesthetic needs. Among the reasons that require labiaplasty surgeries, Damage to the inner lips due to any accident or trauma Sagging and expansions caused by childbirth Making the outer lips more pronounced due to the weakness of the individual Excessive strain during sexual activity Sagging, puckering and wear caused by multiple normal births Continuous and fast weight gain and sagging of vaginal areas after loss. Labiaplasty is among the reasons that require applications. How to Perform Labiaplasty Surgery? Labiaplasty surgeries can be performed in approximately 35-40 minutes by applying general or local anesthesia supporting by sedation according to the patient’s demands and doctor’s advice. The lips, which are larger than the usual structure in the surgery, are reshaped by shrinking until they have a normal appearance. In accordance with the selection of the technical physician used in the surgery, excess tissue can be cut with scalpel or laser operation. Having a problem with suture removal due to the use of yarns that is absorbable in the human body during surgery is out of the question. It is common place to have problems with pain, edema and swelling for 2-3 days after surgery. Small complaints that may occur disappear completely within approximately 10 days, the patient recovers completely within 1 month at the latest and permanently recovers from his problems. There is no trace of the area after surgery.

Is labiaplasty surgery dangerous?

Labiaplasty surgeries, which do not involve any danger if performed by specialist physicians in genital areas, may involve some risks when done by non-specialist physicians.

How many years old patient is elligible for labiaplasty surgery?

There is no harm in the surgery of all female individuals except for young girls under the age of 18.

What is the duration of labiaplasty surgeries?

Labiaplasty surgeries can be performed in approximately 30-40 minutes.

How long does full recovery be achieved after labiaplasty surgeries?

Approximately 30 days after surgery is sufficient for complete recovery.

How much are the labiaplasty surgery prices?

Surgery prices vary depending on where and by whom to apply, whether there will be additional demands on the application. The healthiest price information is obtained from the physician after clinical examination.

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