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Erectal Dysfunction

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Erectal Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual dysfunction problem in males.These kinds of ailments manifest as being unable to satisfy or maintain sexual activity satisfactorily. Erectile dysfunction is for some men occasionally, periodically, for a certain reason or not, may also experience cases where erection has never been observed. Although it is not a life threatening disease, it can affect the sexual life of individuals and affect the quality of life negatively. If it gains continuity, it may cause individual to experience mental disorders and may form the basis of difficulties to repair problems between spouses. Psychological Factors That Cause Erectile Dysfunction The problem of erection is associated with psychological disorders as well as the disease. While existing psychological problems are the main source of the problem, continuing erection problems can form the basis for the emergence of new psychological risk factors. -Depression states -Loss of self-confidence -Anxiety -Stress disorder -Inability to express yourself -Sexual fears -False ideas about sexuality are among the psychological risk factors. How is the diagnosis and treatment of the erection problem done? The erection problem necessitates the control of specialist physicians and appropriate treatments in order for men to maintain their sexual life healthy. Providing the right treatment necessitates meeting with your family doctor first, and if necessary, examining an urologist with the spouse. The medical and sexual history of the patient are of great importance for the diagnosis of the erection problem. Physical examinations and some tests deemed necessary by the physician are also arguments that may be necessary to diagnose the erection problem. Treatment In the light of the findings obtained, the treatment methods recommended by the physician should be done regularly and as prescribed. Among the treatment methods related to the erection problem; -Oral treatments (drug therapy) -Low-energy corporeal shock therapy -Intracaversonal injections -Penile prostheses are included. Oral medications are the first-line treatment method for erection problems. Drug treatments, which are applied in two different ways, short and long-acting, can be effective from 6 hours to 36 hours. In cases where there is no response to oral treatment, injection treatments can be applied. Although duration of action is 45 minutes, there are cases where longer erections are achieved. Low-intensity shock wave treatments are also generally applied to patients with vascular insufficiency, and if no results can be obtained from all treatment methods, prosthetic penis application can be preferred as the treatment method.

What happens if the erection problem is not treated?

The individual will face increasing physical and psychological problems every day, and mental problems will begin in the following periods.

Does the erection problem heal spontaneously?

While psychological problems decrease to a very low level with therapy sessions, hormonal erection dysfunctions require treatment.

How does the erection problem occur?

As the erection problem may arise due to any physical or psychological reason, it can occur without a specific reason in some periods.

What is the Success Rate of Treatments?

All erection problems, the source of which can be identified by the physician, can be treated with a high success rate.

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