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Documents Required When Opening a Gender Case

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Documents Required When Opening a Gender Case

The gender case is the procedures that must be carried out legally in order to switch to the opposite sex by replacing the sexual identities of which they are assigned by birth through surgery. Gender changes may be possible in many developed countries without preconditions, while the legal stages of gender transition in our country must be completed in a complete manner.In our country, the requirements regarding gender change are regulated by Article 40 of the Turkish Civil Code.

  • -Be over the age of 18
  • -Having court permission
  • -Be single, if married,divorce
  • -Reporting that gender change is mandatory for the individual’s mental health
  • -It should be devoid of reproductive characteristics.

The individual who requests a gender change should file a lawsuit against the population directorate in order to initiate the legal process. The first documents required to open the case,

-It is a health board report from any educational research hospital that shows that sexual transition is necessary for the individual’s mental health. So-called sex identity council psychiatrist, plastic surgeon, obstetrician, geneticist, endocrinologist and lawyer in the council are required to give positive opinions. The first checks are carried out by the psychiatrist and end with other doctor’s checks.

If the individual receives approval from the entire sexual identity council, there will be no legal obstacle. The eligibility report issued by the board is sent to the court and the litigation process is initiated. After the court makes a positive decision, there is no legal obstacle in performing sexual transition surgeries.

After the completion of the surgeries, the surgery was held in the hospital reports are sent to the court. The examination determines whether pink or blue population paper can be given to the individual if the appropriateness of the reports is decided.

Gender change cases require processes that differ according to all other types of cases. In order for litigation processes to be conducted in the individual’s favor and as soon as possible, lawyers specializing in the field of gender change must be preferred. Gender cases with specific characteristics of their own are terminated by the approval of name changes by the population directorate. This type cases can also be opened as a name change case,but some courts may request evidence of witness evidence as well as hospital reports. For this reason, all processes should be carried out with expert support.

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