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Metoidioplasty is one of the surgical techiques of genital reassignment surgeries in trans males to change their vagina to penis. In this surgery, it is aimed to make a penis to the person who requests sexual transition by enlarged clitoris with various urological regulations and the effective use of the testosterone hormone. Therefore, such surgeries are not an artificial limb gaining surgery. The surgical process is carried out by using the biological devaluation process of the individual. After penis making surgery The process is terminated by applying prosthetic testicles. Many different gender-affirmative operations can be performed to meet the demands of individuals who wish to ensure complete integrity of sexual transition surgeries using genital surgery methods. Surgical interventions to give the penis to the individual in transitions from female to male, -Metoidioplasty -Phalloplasty, it is possible in three different ways. How to Perform Metoidioplasty Surgery? Metoidioplasty surgery is the surgery technique of genital reassignment for trans males which is applying on the clitoris which became bigger by using testosterone hormone to make a penis. Individuals who request sexual transition before such surgeries require testosterone treatment for at least one year. Because when the testosterone hormone is taken, clitoris can grow naturally. During metodoidioplasty surgery, clitoral ligaments are separated, allowing clitoris to grow and restore a structure similar to an organ after childbirth. The length of the penis created after surgery varies between 5-7 cm. Is it good size for sexual intercourse or not related to expectations of the person. But most of the time, this is not a matter of concern. In addition, additional surgeries may be needed, depending on the results that trans men want to achieve, and additional surgeries can be improved in the appearance of the penis and functional characteristics. Another technique of penis creation surgeries performed in transitions from female to male is phalloplasty surgeries. Each surgery has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of Metoidioplasty Surgery Metoidioplasty and phalloplasty surgeries are performed in accordance with individuals’ own preferences and the recommendations of the physician in sexual transition surgeries. It is very important that the person who will switch to man in preoperative consultation processes exchanged views on male interests, expectations and priorities. Although not always considered the best option, Metoidioplasty surgery can provide satisfactory results for the trans man. Advantages: •-More affordable prices for the surgery •-Single stage surgery •-Shorter healing process •-Low likelihood of complications •-The fact that the big scar won’t remain after the surgery •-The natural erection •-The fact that the natural erotic sensation of clitoris can also be preserved in the penis is among the advantages of metoidioplasty surgeries. By undergoing metoidioplasty surgery, it is possible to apply phalloplasty to the trans individual, which has a penis with a natural appearance. For the reasons that the individual prefers metoidioplasty surgery in transitions from female to male one is to have the ability to urinate standing up. Metoidiplasty surgery can meet the individual’s expectations by providing a production extension. Although it meets expectations, there is also a risk of creating complications of urethra extension. In some cases, annoying results occur, but often small complications occur. These are; problems such as urinary blockages or fistula formations. Metoidioplasty surgery is generally considered a single-stage operation, but sexual transition In accordance with the expectations of the requested individual and the recommendations of the physician, improvements can be obtained in terms of function and appearance with additional surgeries. There is always more than one operation in transitions from male to female, and in transitions from female to male.

Are Metoidioplasty Prices Advantageous?

Metoidioplasty is the most preferred and most affordable type of surgery between the transition from female to male.

How long is the metodioplasty healing process?

Metoidioplasty is the type of surgery that the healing process is the shortest. scars and movement limitation will disappear after the surgery within 3-5 months.

Is there a possibility of complications?

Minor complications may occur later in metoidioplasty surgeries. However, these complications will be very small compared to other operation methods.

Will there be large scars after the metoidioplasty surgery?

After metodioplasty surgery, deep and permanent scars will not remain and the scars caused by the surgery will disappear in a very short time.

Does penis erection happen with metoidioplasty?

After metoidioplasty trans woman has a pwnis with erection penis. Therefore, it is necessary to take a special precaution in the social and sexual life of the person.

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