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P-Shot is a treatment method used to increase the sensitivity of the male genitalia and make it more functional. P-Shot (Priapus Shot) which is the only natural method for male individuals to regain their sexual health, is applied to people who have erectile dysfunction and complain about penis size. People who have individuals suffering from erectile dysfunction and dissatisfied with their sexual life are unhappy in their social lives and lead a life of trust and psychological concerns. The medically validated P-Shot technique ensures that sexual dysfunction problems are resolved and It also allows repair of many side effects that develop depending on the problem. In this method known as the Happiness Vaccine or Sexual Enhancement Vaccine, Platelets which are obtained from the individual’s own blood and have extensive repairing properties, are obtained in a laboratory environment and injected into the individual. Premature ejaculation Impotence Penis size insufficiency It is the most natural method used in the solution of such problems. Since the application is not a surgical intervention, individuals can continue their daily routine from where they left off, and due to the absence of wounds or stitches after the procedure, obligations such as care and dressing are eliminated. How Is P-Shot Therapy Performed? The individuals who need P-Shot treatment, are usually have moderate or severe impotence problems and do not see their sexual performance adequate or have diabetes, prostate, hypertension problem. In addition, individuals who have difficulty in sexual intercourse due to deformity in the penis structure can be treated with this method. The treatment stages begin with two tubes of blood drawn from the patient. Cells with a high restorative effect obtained after the procedures in the laboratory environment are drawn into the injector. The resulting platelets are made ready to be injected into the patient by adding activating agents. P-Shot treatment, which is a very easy procedure, is done by using creams with local anesthesia or anesthetic effect. The process, which is completed by injecting platelets into the two main muscle tissues of the penis, is equivalent to being a needle from the hip. P-Shot treatment which meets the expectations of individuals by showing its effect even on the day of application, provides satisfactory results related to growth in approximately 2-3 weeks. Achievements with P-Shot Therapy P-Shot treatment, which makes it can be possible to achieve very important results in terms of impotence, erection problems and with accompanying with vaccum using minimum lengthening of the penis, Increased sexual power Prolonged erection Increased sexual pleasure Minimum lenghtening of penis can be possible with using vaccum Overcoming psychological problems caused by erection problems Elimination of premature ejaculation problem P-Shot treatment which enables the solution of problems that negatively affect the daily lives of spouses such as sexual dysfunction, is also a popular technique because it is the only method where sexual dysfunctions can be treated by natural methods. However, it should not be forgotten that the examinations to be performed by a specialist physician increase the chance of success.

When is P-Shot Treatment Applied?

P-Shot treatment is applied to individuals who have sexual unwillingness or are dissatisfied with their current sexual performance, and those with moderate and severe impotence problems.

Is It A Suitable Method For Diabetics?

P-Shot treatment is suitable for diabetics, as well as for individuals with hypertension, prostate and penis deformity.

Is It Possible To Increase Penis Length With P-Shot Treatment?

It has been noted that a minimum penis enlargement can be achieved with applying of vaccum besides of P Shot.

How Much Are P-Shot Treatment Fees?

Regarding the treatment prices, it would be more correct to get an opinion from your clinic by stating the problem you are experiencing.

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