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Sexual Anorexia

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Sexual Anorexia

Sexual anorexia in men is very common. We analyze our patients who come to the examination first to solve the problem of sexual reluctance. After that, we treat the problem by making the necessary applications. We definitely recommend getting support for the solution of the problem. If the necessary precautions are not taken for the problem, the sexual problems may arise in the partner. Continuing sexual anorexia in men can cause functional problems. If all these are taken into consideration, it will be healthy to receive direct support. Men Do Not Accept Sexual Anorexia; According to research, there is a problem like this. Sexual anorexia in men is not accepted. When this problem is not accepted, pre-ejaculation – impotence problems arise in our patients. Premature ejaculation Hardening In order to prevent the emergence of such problems, it is absolutely necessary to apply for treatment for the sexual problems experienced. We prevent this situation from causing larger problems with the interventions we make. Causes of Sexual Anorexia? When a little research is done within the scope of the causes of sexual reluctance, we can clearly see the reasons for this situation. The patients who we has sexual anorexia, sexual coldness, decreased sex drive, decreased sexual desire or hypoactive sexual desire, can be treated in this situation. Sexual anorexia appears with high rates of psychological reasons. Physical reasons can also be involved in the emergence of sexual anorexia. The precautions must be taken for the reason fo the sexual anorexia in men can cause problems in their partner. Evaluation with the partner; We solve this problem by hosting our patients in pairs. It is much faster to solve the problem experienced together. If there is no physical problem, it is ensured that the problem is psychologically, and the problem is solved together with the partner. Physical Causes of Sexual Anorexia in Men; In the tests performed in men, testosterone hormone is examined. After the determined the hormonal problems with in the test reports, this value will be taken directly. Except for hormonal reasons; Chronic alcohol use Sedentary lifestyle, stress Smoking and substance abuse Overweight Thyroid dysfunctions Diabetes Hypertension Heart diseases Renal and Liver failure Some blood pressure medications Adrenal gland function Psychological Causes of Sexual Anorexia in Men; Depression Marriage problems Deceit – Be deceived Performance anxiety Fear of not making your partner happy Not enough information about sexuality Sexual identity and orientation problems Incompatibility with the spouse – conflicts Concerns about age and attractiveness Low self-esteem Sexual trauma in childhood We inform our patients by making the necessary explanations. We take the necessary measures to ensure that our patients return to their sexual life without any problems. By following the necessary steps after the examination, we ensure that this problem is eliminated. Types of Sexual Anorexia in Men We analyze on the types of sexual aversion. We do the necessary applications such as taking precautions according to the determined species, investigating the causes of the problem. What are the types of sexual aversion? -Primer: It is a decrease in sexual desire and interest. It is much more possible to be seen during adolescence. Among the underlying causes are hormone disorders. This problem is experienced especially in case of testosterone problem. The primer sexual anorexia is also more likely to occur in societies where sexuality is suppressed. -Secondary: The type of sexual anorexia that occurs later. It usually occurs after problems between the couple. It is more likely that problems such as depression and anxiety eventually appear. Considering the types of sexual aversion, the secondary is easier for the treatment. Sexual anorexia can cause different problems. Lack of sexual desire will be manifested by a decrease in the number of relationships. Therefore, the problem of not experiencing sexuality will arise. It is the stage when individuals face problems that cannot be overcome. At this stage, if our patients get help, it will be much easier to treat the problem. -Depression -Loss of self-confidence -Marriage problems -Disruption of the relationship in social life -Fear of being deceived It can lead to such problems. It may also be possible for the person to experience different functional problems due to sexual unwillingness. Before this causes problems, it is absolutely necessary to be treated – support is required.

What are the Causes of Sexual Anorexia?

Sexual anorexia is a disorder that can develop for many different reasons. Diagnosis and treatment methods related to their causes are determined after physician’s controls.

Can Sexual Anorexia be Treated?

Sexual aversion is a treatable disease. It can be treated with medication or psychotherapy methods.

What Is Sexual Therapy?

These are the sessions applied to male-female individuals by trained psychiatrists and psychologists about sexual problems.

Which Diseases Can Lead to Sexual Anorexia?

Sexual anorexia may be due to mental reasons or it may occur due to illness. Surgical interventions for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, urological problems can be a source of sexual anorexia.

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