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Is Gender Reassignment Surgery a Difficult Surgery ?

Gender reassignment surgery is a difficult operation that requires a long time. Gender reassignment surgery, especially for female to male transitions, is more difficult because microsurgery is used. The veins and nerves are sewn up, tissue transplantation is performed, and the tissue is expected to hold.

Is Surgery Painful ?

Gender transition surgery is a surgery that involves difficult operations and incisions. After the anesthesia wears out, there will be pain in the area where the operation is performed. During these periods of pain, the doctors will relieve the individual by providing painkillers.

How Many Hours Does a Surgery Take?

The time interval varies depending on the type of surgery. Breast surgery lasts from 2 to 4 hours, while penile or vaginal reconstruction surgery can extend from 6 to 12 hours.

How Long Does It Take for the Patient to Heal after These Surgeries ?

The answer to this question may vary depending on the type of surgery being performed and according to the stage of recovery. For example, while the recovery time is 3-4 months after breast surgery, this period may reach up to 6 months because the nerves and blood vessels of an individual who transition from a female body to a male body are sewn through microsurgery. Age and the body’s self-repair process may lengthen or shorten this period.

Is There an Age Limit? Does Age Affect Surgery ?

In order to undergo gender reassignment surgery legally in Turkey, you must be at least 18 years old. The age condition affects the surgery because it is an invasive operation, and it is performed under anesthesia.

How Often Should I Go to the Doctor for Checkups ?

Gender reassignment surgeries are performed under anesthesia, and because of the gradual nature of such surgeries, doctors must make appointments and check the patient regularly. Especially the first month after surgery is very important, and regular follow-ups are required for the health of the patient.

Are There Any Places I Can Get Psychological Support ?

The gender reassignment process is a difficult process that psychologically exhausts the individual. In accordance with the legal process, the patient will be checked by a psychiatrist during the gender reassignment process. Psychological support will be received from the same person in the future, as well as support from other private companies, professional teams and psychologists. As International Sexology, we provide personalized psychological assistance and familial support. We are a team that provides psychological support to both the individual and their family by knowledgeable, experienced, educated psychologists who are focused on trans individuals.

Do the Doctors Recommend Rest? When Can I Return to My Daily Life ?

A bill of health prescribing rest is given for a certain period according to the type, difficulty and process of the individual’s operation. When the individual returns to their daily life, there will be a resting report to prevent the development of complications. It is up to the doctor to prescribe a shorter or longer rest period.

Does Hormone Therapy Make You Gain Weight ?

Gender reassignment surgeries are processes that require hormone treatments before and after operations. Hormone therapy can be provided at certain doses by considering the age, weight and health status of the individual. Since hormone supplementation drugs are drugs that facilitate fat tissue formation, there is still a possibility of weight gain in this process.

Can Aesthetic Procedures Be Performed at the Same Time ?

Depending on the type of surgery to be performed, some plastic surgeries can be performed at the same time. Aesthetic operations can be performed at the same time, based on the individual’s needs, age and health status, unless these are difficult surgeries such as female to male gender reassignment surgeries.

Who Is the Best Doctor ? Is There Such a Thing ?

Gender reassignment surgeries are very comprehensive and difficult, and they require experience. When choosing a doctor, the person should choose an experienced, highly skilled doctor overall, and most importantly, the person should be able to state their requests comfortably to the doctor. If an operation is performed in the presence of dilemma for a patient who is not able to tell their doctor what they want, or in the case of a doctor who does not listen to their patient, the patient may not be satisfied with the outcome of the surgery, and their psychological state may be affected by this process. Listening to the individual patiently, the patient’s selection of doctors who allow them to freely explain what they expect, doctors who love their profession, are experienced, do their job with precision, will be the most beneficial case for the patient.

How Successful Are Gender Reassignment and Affirmation Surgeries in Different Countries ?

Gender reassignment surgeries are a type of surgery that should be performed with a comprehensive team during the reconstruction of the genital organs. The success rate depends on the experience, skill and center of the team that will perform the surgery. From this point of view, gender reassignment surgeries are not based on the countries they are performed in, but they depend on the experience of the team that will perform the surgery and how many times they have performed these surgeries. Examples of surgical outcomes should be researched, and evaluation should be made accordingly.

What Is the Success Rate of These Surgeries in Turkey ?

Although there is no clear statistical data on this subject, the success rate of gender reassignment surgeries has increased considerably compared to previous years, given the shared results. We are a rare team in Turkey that performs this surgery. We have carried out successful operations many times and brought innovation to the success rates of gender reassignment operations in Turkey.

How Important Is the Number of Surgeries Performed by the Doctors Who Will Perform My Surgery ?

The more surgeries a doctor takes part in, improves themselves and gains practicality, the more the success rate of their surgeries increases. This is another important factor when choosing the doctor who will operate on the individual. Each of our doctors has specialized education and training in their fields, and they have performed thousands of surgeries.

Does SGK (SSI) Cover Gender Reassignment Surgery ?

The Social Security Institution (SSI-SGK) announced that the costs of gender reassignment surgeries between 2013 and 2014, including prostheses, were under the coverage of SSI. However, some problems may still occur in this practice, and the options and legislation should be thoroughly investigated. Trans individuals who do not require state-provided social security can have their surgeries in the private sector for a certain fee. We are one of the private institutions that perform these surgeries with our professional team in the field.

Can My Request for Surgery Be Rejected ?

In accordance with Article 40 of the Turkish Civil Code, gender reassignment surgeries are legal in Turkey. However, in order to have these surgeries, it is necessary to meet the legal requirements. Under the law, you must be monitored by a council at a university hospital for at least one year. With the report you will receive after this period of at least one year, you will be able to get your permit for gender reassignment surgery. If you do not meet these requirements, you will not be able to obtain your surgical permit.

How to Choose Hospitals or Clinics ?

First, you need to know which hospital employs the doctor who will perform your surgery and do research about that hospital. Since multiple surgical interventions are performed, it is imperative that the hospital is a fully equipped hospital in all respects. Hygiene, cleaning in terms of compliance with certain conditions, the availability of all surgical equipment needed and being comfortable are other important elements.

Will There Be Postoperative Care ?

These are operations that involve microsurgery, where stitches are used, and cuts are made according to the type of gender reassignment surgery. According to the method needed by you and applied by your surgeons, the degree of scar formation will vary. Paying attention to the care of the area where the surgery is performed during the recovery process after surgery and sensitive care for the area will reduce the degree of the visibility of the remaining scar or scars. Some topical creams and gels after surgery will help reduce the remaining scars.

Will People Notice That I Had Surgery ?

Some traces of having surgery can be noticeable from the outside for a certain period of time as there will be surgical scars in the bodies of individuals who have gender reassignment surgery. It may be very difficult to identify an individual who has successfully completed all processes and has lost all visible traces of the operations as trans. This situation also varies depending on the area where the surgery is performed, as well as the surgical method.

Can I Keep up with Society ?

A transgender individual who used to be known as a different person may find it difficult to adapt to society with their new body after their surgeries. They may be shunned or ostracized by other people. It is very important to provide psychological support to the individual in this process. The individual can get support by contacting non-governmental organizations and associations. After surgery, the person can easily get through the process of adaptation to society by contacting organizations that offer psychological support.

Can My Surgery Be Cancelled or Postponed ?

In the case of a change in the health status of the individual who will undergo gender reassignment surgery, their doctors may need to cancel their surgery or postpone it to a later date in order to wait for the best time. The important thing here is that the person who will have surgery has to be both psychologically and physiologically healthy. Individuals who do not feel psychologically ready may prefer to prolong this time and wait until they are ready.

How Much Does Gender Reassignment Surgery Cost?

Gender reassignment surgeries are not the kind of surgeries that can be performed by any doctor. These surgeries are extensive operations that require experience and knowledge, as well as a lot of surgical equipment. Doctors who have already performed the same operations several times should perform these surgeries. Likewise, it is very important that the hospital is a hospital where this surgery has been performed before. This is why every center and every team in the world has different prices. At the same time, prices vary because breast surgery, aesthetic operations, penile or vaginal reconstruction surgeries are all different operations.

Reproduction after Gender Reassignment Surgery

Although the genitals are reconstructed in gender reassignment operations, functions that are required for reproduction, such as sperm secretion or egg cell production, are not possible. It is possible for trans individuals to have children through surrogacy, adoption or sperm donation. Sexual activity will absolutely and permanently not result in conception after gender reassignment surgeries.