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Peyronie’s Disease

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Peyronie’s Disease

The curvature of the penis is their posture to the right, left, up and down directions due to the deformation of the penis, which should form an angle of 90 degrees in case of erection.The curve of the penis can be congenital or it may occur due to the diseases, surgical interventions, or traumas experienced by the individual. In individuals with normal penis structure, there are two spongy tissue in the blood vessel, which allows erection formation, and one spongy tissue containing the urinary tract. In individuals where penis curvature occurs for innate causes, one of the spongy structures does not develop in the usual way when the individual is in the womb, so in the case of erection, the penis takes a curved position in the direction. Peyronie’s Disease, popularly referred to as prophet circumcision, is among the causes that form the curvature of the penis. In this disease, the urinary meatus is lower than where it should be, so the penis bends downwards when is erected. Penile curvatures occurring in the postpartum period, that is, the period of development of the individual, is the calcification between the tissue that contains the blood vessel that provides an erection of the penis and the outer sheath that surrounds this tissue and provides the hardening. These ailments called Peyronie usually start with pain and progress in the form of malformations in male individuals over the age of 50. How to Treat Penis Curvature? Penile curvature occurs in advancing ages and if it is caused by Peyronie’s,treatment methods vary depending on whether the condition is acute or chronic.If curvature is found to be in the acute period, it is possible that the plaques that cause curvature do not occur in full. In such cases, it is necessary to use drugs prescribed by the physician. Early diagnosis is of great importance in the acute period for drug treatment to be successful. In cases where curvature becomes chronic, injections and shock treatments with lesion substances can be applied, but the main treatment method is surgical operations.If the individual has erection problems with curvature, penile prosthesis (happiness bar) application will provide the solution of the problem. When the curvature of the penis is congenital, that is, the urinary meatus is not where it should be, but when it is lower, the method of treatment is definetly surgical operations. If such operations are performed in the period when the penis reaches a sufficient length, the individual can perform sexual activities as required in the following period. In such operations, the urine meatus is moved to where it should be, while the problem of penile curvature is corrected.The most feared in penis curvature surgeries in adult individuals is the possibility of stitches opening due to night erections. In order to prevent this, treatments for suppression of erections should be applied.

What is Peyronie's Disease?

The curvature of the penis is that it does not form an angle of 90 degrees that the penis should form,in the case of an erection and bends in different directions.

Can Peyronie's Disease Be Treated?

Penile curvatures can be treated using medication or surgical methods based on data obtained after physician control.

What Problems Does Penile Curvature Cause?

If the curvature of the penis is such that it makes sexual intercourse difficult, it is likely that problems occur in the individual’s sexual life. This situation may cause difficulties in sexual intercourse and problems in having children.

Does Peyronie's Disease Surgery Duration Take Long?

The operations performed to correct curvatures in the penis are simple surgical operations. It can be done in approximately 30-60 minutes.

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